Innovating creative e-learning solutions by raising the standards of multilingual language education…


The Value

NICO utilizes a brain-friendly approach that helps students learn English effortlessly. NICO also reduces language concepts to their simplest forms and accelerates learning.


Gabriele certainly has the gift of teaching. The light has gone on several times for me as I’ve read her book! All of those intuitive tools, like Rosetta Stone really lacks the precision and “rules” layed out clearly in “Just Enough Spanish Grammar.” It gives me hope that I may someday actually be able to be converse in the language!
— CReson

The Methodology

NICO delivers conceptual knowledge of complex grammar structures to students in simple, intuitive ways through interactive exercises. This leads to deep processing, making sure students internalize language structures.

As a grammar-based English as a Second Language teacher, this is almost exactly what I have been hunting for. It explains how the language is constructed, which allows for expression of personal thoughts.
— Siwsan (via Amazon)

The Promise

NICO is committed to uniting and inspiring a community of language learners. NICO is also deeply dedicated to helping teachers re-imagine the way students learn a second language.